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IPX Voice

Our Network Services interconnect enterprises globally, particularly to and from emerging markets The Managed Services help you for managed security protection, integrated data center services, video conferencing, unified communications and collaboration, providing a path to deepen relationship with your customers with the pricing model of approach.

Sipmatch provides you with in-house built applications which are readily available and accessible. It is evolved to meet all the redundant situations. We offer you a stable support and growth. With the service measures offered you are sure to improve on your growth revenues scaling new heights. Our applications are simple and understandable, which can be easily translated into action to your customer end. The setup is easy and hassle free. Customized offering enables you to go beyond the scale to reach heights. We Make use of our expertise and share it with others to grow and expand business!! With the confidence our working partners and client base have bestowed over the years on us and the good will earned through the years, we are proud to share and make you a part of this global community.

The world market provides exciting opportunities to cash in with IP convergence and enable innovation for providers to navigate and reap higher margins.

We enable you to reach success with innovative, high-quality solutions and efficient partnership models that help you to maximize revenue and gain a competitive edge. You can differentiate in the market and deliver an optimal end-user experience, we offer a comprehensive scale of high-quality communication and termination services. We know quality is very imperative need for customer to gain loyalty and revenue. That is why we take a comprehensive approach to improving call quality, technology, investments and processes. We enable you to better focus on core corporate initiatives with strategic partnership models of apps, tools, and systems that help you to manage your voice business more efficiently and economically.

Sipmatch meet all the connectivity needs of our clients! Whether you are seeking to implement next-generation networks, access new or emerging markets where you have limited access or offer greater value-add services to your customer base, we are ready to help. With the global interactive capabilities, extensive global IT network, experienced resources we are ready to provide you with innovative solutions to support your connectivity needs. Our customers have used our leading voice and data services to expand their footprint, enhance their own infrastructure, and run their operations globally.


Simple, secure and reliable approach to solutions Your robust global reach to ensure that business is always up and running is appreciated Leverage cable network to connect to the world and deliver high quality, cost-effective connectivity in a secure private network. We offer you the highest standards of security and reliability for your voice, video and data communication needs.

We provide you with cost efficient businesses strategies that you can leverage existing communications investments with a convenient model with flexible terms that provide outstanding economies of scale. We hold expertise in designing, building, and maintaining state-of–the-art communication solutions. More creative environment easily produces new user interfaces, add-on apps, and extensions to make your communications more feature rich, customized, and productive. You collaborate in new ways with team members, partners, suppliers, and customers. It’s communicating, sharing ideas and information, and working more efficiently using chat, instant messaging, presence, web video, global work group meetings, document sharing, managed services, and more all on the same platform.

One size does not fit all in communication and collaboration solutions. The challenge is choosing the components and setup that best meet your business needs and budget. That requires expert planning, design, and implementation. We always provide you perfect operating condition. We take care of everything, giving you a global access capability on demand whenever you need it.

Consolidated access to multiple services with multiple communication options
With the adoption of smartphone, social networking, and video communications, the mobile data continue to grow. IPX Connect provides managed data transport and supports data roaming, enabling mobile service providers to deliver customer-driven applications such as voice, data, video, gaming, social networking, and beyond.

• Deliver better quality
• Drive efficiency and manage growth with support
• Innovation with fast new revenue

Premium IP Voice

Our premium voice helps you experience a new level in communication technology with no voice related issues and messages and data delivered crystal clear.

Sipmatch customers use this service to deploy next-gen voice service quality to consumers, augment their toll free numbers with more cost-effective local numbers that also provide a local touch or to create new mobile or OTT based applications for consumers. Sipmatch’s Voice service is unique in many ways. Service providers can provide a local service reach, network scaling and flexible routing meeting your demands. IPX Transport service will support your move to an “all IP” environment and guarantees the highest quality of service with an end-to-end SERVICE AGREEMENT.

Fixed and Mobile operators require a reliable and well-interconnected telecom carrier to guarantee the highest voice end-user experience. Operators seek sustainability, reliability and stability in the quality offered. Their demand for superior quality with extensive interconnections is ever increasing. This qualitative end-user experience is the yardstick for Operators that helps them deliver maximum ARPU (Average Revenue per user).

Premium VOICE through premium Routing delivers the best wholesale termination. Provides the highest quality and most advanced feature set combined with extremely competitive market rates.

Our routes are directly interconnected via Local Network Operators, Mobile Network Operators, Regional Network Operator. Distance these days is zipped through long distance telephony with effective solutions custom made for you.

Standard IP Voice

Our standard voice offering includes IP telephony, messaging, virtual private networks (VPNs), managed firewalls and monitoring and reporting of network servers. These services can be performed from outside our internal network with a special agreement on integration and certification of Internet security for applications and content. We manage and integrate a range of activities associated with enterprise networks. Infrastructure services are delivered on a subscription basis.

Customers are also expanding into new regions. Your success lies on the ability to deliver new revenue opportunities in key emerging markets like China, the Middle East, Africa and India. Emerging market enterprises are also expanding globally to new territories. Your success is confirmed by giving our secure and cost-effective network based VPN solution that combines voice, data and video on a single network across the globe enabling connectivity today for over 500 destinations service providers are supposed to leverage the reach and power of the robust network to provide cost effective, one-stop-shop network solutions for your customers around the world.

Our network delivers greatest flexibility and control. Business is dynamic. Markets change. You need to adapt to thrive. Depending on evolving business challenges, you must allocate assets at multiple locations to maximize profits and minimize losses. Your network should be as flexible as your business strategy.

Sipmatch provides standard voice, data and SMS, that you can brand in your company name and a fast route to market for carriers, switchless reseller an even non telco based companies seeking to leverage their brand and loyal customer base by offering new and innovative mobile services.

In a changing world where customers want new and better services to be delivered in a converged and commercially integrated way, it is imperative to adapt and align inter operator solutions to thrive better and secure a safe stand.

We offer stable routing and full service transparency combined with a new and appreciated business model. Sipmatch standard Voice supports your business requirements in a fundamentally different and new environment, both technically and commercially.

Our standard voice enables you to execute your evolving business models, and creating a competitive advantage for you while delivering the highest quality of service for your customers.

A-Z Termination

Enjoy the coverage for over 500 plus destinations worldwide with the expanding mobile community in terms of subscribers, networks and technologies, AZ termination has become a complex issue which many mobile and fixed operators consider to outsource. Unlike roaming where a single roaming agreement per country would be sufficient to guarantee worldwide roaming, interworking requires the interworking agreements with every single operator in all countries.

Turnkey solutions for A-Z:
• Sipmatch offers you simplified interworking service apps
• Remain safe and secure with a single connection
• Feel and enjoy the messaging spree
• Negotiate and eliminate multiple contract with operators worldwide
• We provide you with an expanding number of operators, along with one-way termination to over 500 destinations hassle free

Sipmatch remains one of the largest and industry-certified providers that understands your business needs and requirements and can deliver on its promises, because it has the experience, the expertise to envision future.

• 500+ reachable destinations, 200+ full 2-way and 100+ on-net mobile operators
• Providing online visibility on traffic usage and performance, and enabling CDR download and message tracking
• State-of-the-art protective shield from fraudsters
• Performance monitoring with pro-active intervention in case of abnormal traffic patterns
• 24/7 live support.

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