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Who We Are

Sipmatch is an independent telecommunications operator active both in CANADA/USA as well as international markets. Our motto is to react swiftly to the changing needs of our clients. We focus on telecommunications services for businesses, including American and foreign operators as well as institutional clients, in particular: exchange of inter-operator traffic with respect to voice call services, whole-sale access to the Internet both at home and abroad and access to telecommunications technical infrastructure. We are a flexible organization and our product range reflects the best trends on the world market. Our priority is to provide the top quality services at competitive prices, at the same time ensuring the professional level of customer service.

High quality of our services is guaranteed by experienced employees and high-tech technology. Thanks to our solutions the companies will be always provided with the most efficient and cost-effective range of telecommunications services tailored to suit their needs and expectations. Sipmatch is an experienced, reliable and trustworthy business partner. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

Sipmatch delivers world-class wholesale carrier services and solutions with a fast growing global footprint in an increasingly challenging business world by successfully integrating the latest technology and innovation We have been evolving ourselves from the humble beginning with faith, hope, team spirit and enthusiasm to achieve our summit. Today we have established ourselves as an emerging global player with diversified offering in next generation telecommunication services. We can help you grow your business, expand into new markets and improve the efficiency of your operations.

Our platform is a next generation network, operating both in the IP and TDM space. This enables us to bring innovative qualitative services with the least delay. Our network is connected across the globe with almost most of the emergency telecom gaints. Sipmatch is interconnected with all major telecom providers and has good presence felt across ASIA Middle East and Africa We are exploring other horizons along with our other partners.

We work closely with our partners as we see our partner relationships as safeguarding our own future. It’s a complementary approach of stride we march ahead. We manage our network and infrastructure, while our partners look into their client base and their business strategies.

We have a well-trained set of professionals looking right from the planning, initialization, implementation, and innovations. Their expertise is always and will remain applauded. We also provide them with updated training on next gen technologies, so we stand out from the rest.

We Invested heavily in next generation infrastructure so as to allow us to stay ahead. We have a very strong Technology and engineering focus which we nurture on a daily basis and upgrade them, as and when needed.

We study the problems of the clients and customers with utmost care and help them recover from the trouble by helping them with good troubleshoot remedies.

Our Team

Our company is a team of experienced telecommunications and high-tech specialists. Their support and wide range of services enable our clients to focus on their core activity while we take care of the telecommunications solutions. We analyze the needs of our clients and we strive to meet even the most demanding expectations. Our team has extensive practical expertise backed by the theoretical knowledge in the field of creation and operation of telecommunications networks. Experience and practical expertise of our employees provide us with the thorough knowledge of the market and the technology. By relying on our combined experience, use of the latest solutions, innovative projects, and use of advanced technologies, we are able to meet the requirements of the telecommunications market, and thus react faster to the changing needs of our Clients.

Our Vision To be a preferred partner, enhancing customers with the ideal communication experience from beginning to end, through innovation and technology.

Our Mission To responsibly provide quality services through innovation, learning and operational excellence by inspiring moments of communication and happiness, while sustaining maximum value for our stakeholders and creating values to make a difference.

Our Values
• Excellence and innovation
• Collaboration
• Professionalism
• Quality
• Competitiveness
• Customer Service

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