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Premium Voice Routing

Premium VOICE through premium Routing delivers the best wholesale termination. Provides the highest quality and most advanced feature set combined with extremely competitive market rates.

Our Premium Voice routes are directly interconnected via Local Network Operators, Mobile Network Operators, Regional Network Operator:
• Over 100 direct routes to licensed national providers and mobile operators with minimal network backlogs
• Clarity Routes managed to maximize direct interconnections
• Supports special routing for Direct Route upon Request

Extensive List of CLI Routes over 500+ CLI-certified routes Daily testing enabled free at your convenience:
• 24 x 7 Network Operations Support

Quality of Service Parameters:
• Jitter, clipping, noise, mid-call disconnect
• Route stability
• Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
• Average Length of Call (ALOC)
• Call Completion Rate (CCR)

sipmatch premium voice offers premium service level to clients to generate billions of Minutes, over 500 plus direct routes and simultaneous calls without an issue.

sipmatch HD Voice

Standard HD sipmatch voice Routing provides the highest Quality of Service at the most competitive market rates. Routes terminated with stable, high-quality providers with high quality signaling features fully supported across the sipmatch network.

Leveraging solutions are applied for profit sharing and profit making suit individual business needs. Quality parameters are benchmarked against direct routes and highest retail traffic standards.
• Overflow is sent only to reliable providers
• 24x7 Network operations support

Quality of Service Parameters:
• High Reliability Guaranteed
• Route stability
• Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
• Average Length of Call (ALOC)
• Call Completion Rate (CCR)

As an international IPX Provider, sipmatch can help mobile operators test their Volte offerings to identify and overcome their specific challenges. Our Volte trial helps mobile operators deliver the high-quality, global service their subscribers demand.

Experience Pinless Dialing

sipmatch Voice apps is a millennium methodology evolved over years of experience and the technologies incorporated for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks.

sipmatch voice apps employs signaling protocols to control the call sequence and flow, set up and diversion of calls. Codecs are used to optimize the media stream flow and to converge end user clarity. sipmatch voice apps can be made available into many smartphones, personal computers, and on Internet access devices. You can also enjoy and experience a new feeling with every Calls and SMS text messages.

Our voice apps allow both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. The devices have simple, intuitive user interfaces, so users can often make simple system configuration changes. Dual-mode phones enable users to no longer carry both a desktop phone and a cellphone. Maintenance becomes simpler as there are fewer devices to oversee.

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