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Sipmatch SMS Transit

Coverage for over 500 plus destinations worldwide
With the expanding mobile community in terms of subscribers, networks and technologies, SMS has become a complex issue which many mobile and fixed operators consider to outsource. Unlike roaming where a single roaming agreement per country would be sufficient to guarantee worldwide roaming, SMS interworking requires the interworking agreements with every single operator in all countries.

SMS Transit:
• We offer you simplified SMS interworking service with our SMS Hub apps
• Remain safe and secure with a single connection
• Feel and enjoy the messaging spree
• Negotiate and eliminate multiple contract with operators worldwide
• We provide 2-way traffic with an expanding number of operators, along with one-way termination to over 500 destinations hassle free.

sipmatch aims to meet the emerging market requirements of mobile operators worldwide, with a focus to meet their specific needs. Choose to partner with us.

sipmatch remains one of the largest and industry-certified SMS Hubbing providers that understands your business needs and requirements and can deliver on its promises, because it has the experience, the expertise to envision future.

• 500+ reachable destinations, 200+ full 2-way and 100+ on-net mobile operators
• Remain safe and secure with a single connection
• Providing online visibility on traffic usage and performance, and enabling CDR download and message tracking
• State-of-the-art protective shield from fraudsters
• Performance monitoring with pro-active intervention in case of abnormal traffic patterns
• 24/7 live support

International A2P Gateway

A2P messaging can be a huge moneymaker but many operators are just staying focused on their local markets, missing out on the opportunities to turn their international A2P traffic into new revenue streams.

Join hands with sipmatch and start generating extra revenue streams from international A2P Messaging without spending huge capital and operating expenses. Our robust infrastructure and extensive customer base, including OTT providers, social networks, security companies and enterprises, wil ensure you profit from the massive, high quality, legitimate SMS traffic we enable for our customers.

Key Features:
Operator status: standard interworking contracts on the GSMA templates that only companies with operator status can use.
Transparency: Use of distinct Global Titles (GTs), allowing operators to negotiate better interworking rates according to traffic type (A2P, P2P, number portability lookups), use case (authentication, marketing campaign, customer support, etc.), or customer type (OTT, enterprise brands, etc.)—even customer names (available for AA.60 and AA.63 agreements).
Flexibility: Operators can connect via SS7/SIGTRAN, SMPP, on-site or GT implementation.

P2P Messaging

Standard HD sipmatch voice Routing provides the highest Quality of Service at the most competitive market rates. Routes terminated with stable, high-quality providers with high quality signaling features fully supported across the sipmatch network.

Leveraging solutions are applied for profit sharing and profit making suit individual business needs. Quality parameters are benchmarked against direct routes and highest retail traffic standards.
• Overflow is sent only to reliable providers
• 24x7 Network operations support

Quality of Service Parameters:
• High Reliability Guaranteed
• Route stability
• Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
• Average Length of Call (ALOC)
• Call Completion Rate (CCR)

As an international IPX Provider, sipmatch can help mobile operators test their Volte offerings to identify and overcome their specific challenges. Our Volte trial helps mobile operators deliver the high-quality, global service their subscribers demand.

SMS Gateway

Sipmatch SMS Gateway allows a server to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. sipmatch SMS gateways support media conversion from email and other formats to enjoy and avail the essence of new technology. sipmatch SMS standard messaging between any mix of fixed and mobile equipment. Our SMS gateway typically sits between the end user who needs to send/receive SMS and a mobile network's SMSC. Our gateways provide a choice of protocols, including HTTP, SMTP, SMPP and Web services.

Communication is made much easy using our applications and solutions. They are made specifically to meet your everyday needs and achieving the value.

Our services provide you with cost efficient solutions that can leverage your existing model with the pricing model and bring about a renewed application that would be flexible and dynamic. Our efforts are to make your enterprising efforts more rewardable and worthy. Opportunities are grabbed and used at the easiest means and fast and this will help you to achieve organization efficiency. The cable network is best available and there are no regrets to have a second choice. Your option to choose us will give you have a NEVER BEFORE FEELING! ALL ON YOUR TERMS

In this global work environment, there is much to communicate and collaborate to achieve success in various domains. Our integrative approach to accommodate innovation will help you maximize your potential in collaborating effectively. We provide you with consistent communicative solutions which you can rely on!!Experience how time and distance take up dimensions in revenue forms and see your growth scaling heights.

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